Zangan Ox
Zangan 01
Species: Human
Born: 2820 AΩX
Age: 20 (OD)
41 (Death)
Element: Gravity
Job Class: N/A
Weapon: Grand Dream (Swallow) (Unknown - 2850 AΩX)
Grand Awakening (Scythe) (2850 - 2861 AΩX)
Appearances: Omega Destruction
Creator: OmegaX

Zangan Ox (2820 AΩX - 2861 AΩX), also known as the second Shadow Knight was the eldest son of the great Zanzegan Ox better known as the Shadow Knight, as well as a member of the Congressional Knights.

After Zangan's father took control of the Congressional Knights, Zangan was appointed leader of the Elite Soldiers, a high ranking group that was tasked with high profile and crucial missions for the Congressional Knight. At that time he wielded a swallow, the Grand Dream.

After the murder of his father, Zangan refused to be a part of Bass's new Empire and he took his late father’s armor, and became the new Shadow Knight. He then became a terrorist and wielded his late father’s scythe, the Grand Awakening.

Zangan 02

Zangan in the Human War.

By 2861 AΩX he was killed by the new Demon God of Death.

Zangan made a cameo appearance in Omega Destruction. Zangan like his brother, would also be revealed to be one of the Zodiac XIII in Omega V: Redemption, Cyrax, Scion of Gravitation.


Zangan as the new Shadow Knight



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