Scion of Nothingness
Number XIII
Species Scion
Element Lucid
Sign Ophiuchus
Division Oz
Gender Male
Creature Ancient Chimera
Weapon Dissolution and Decadence (2 Great Swords)
Appearances Omega V: Redemption

Xorn, was a member of the Zodiac XIII who were the servants of the Dragon God. He was the most feared Scion of all, no one is certain what his powers truly are, it is believed that he can destroy any form of matter with the blink of an eye.



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Xorn, born as Cliff Fitter was a fierce warrior in the Human War, dawning the name Scourge. He would meet his demise again the Black Reaper Hauser Blackwell.



Xorn, the leader of Zodiac XIII and the main antagonist of Omega V: Redemption.

Xorn served as the true leader of the Zodiac XIII taking direct orders from the Dragon God while teaching the other Scions as if they were his pupils. Xorn however would prove to be a master manipulator. Xorn had spent his entire mortal life embroiled in a world war, which would ultimately lead to his demise, because of this, Xorn wanted to create an idealistic world for soldiers, where they would be truly appreciated and not manipulated by the weak absent minded political figures that had manipulated him and millions of others before him. Xorn knew he would need to break free of the Dragon God to reach his ideals as he knew unlike what he told the other Scions, that the Devourer would bring nothing but death to all. Xorn decided he had to become stronger than the Dragon God, he collected the Frozen Flame then came up with a master plan of banishing Exile only to feed the other Scions to him all under the notion that they were collecting Aphrodite and unleashing Yiazmat. As Exile continued his success, Xorn had decided that he would not only absorb all the Scion cards, but he would use his new found power to merge with the Dragon God when it merged with Yiazmat. Xorn would be successful and become one with the Devourer.

Xorn DevourerEdit

Xorn's new form, as a result of merging with the Devourer.



Xorn unmasked after fighting Exile in Omega V: Redemption.

"All Scions are aware of who he was once was, which is one of the reasons he is so feared, who is this powerful warrior?"

During the course of Omega V: Redemption, Xorn's identity was popularly speculated.


  • According to Exile in Omega V: Redemption, Xorn was an extremely powerful warrior in his past life.
  • According to Exile, Xorn is biologically related to Albedo forcing readers to speculate that Xorn is in fact a Ject.
  • Contrary to being a Ject, RP Creator OmegaX stated in a narrative role in Omega Destruction that Xorn was born in the city Edge on Filgaia. Though this does not entirely rule him out as a Ject.

Xorn's identity was eventually revealed to be Cliff Fitter, better known as Scourge.

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