The Vixedin Sword is a weapon of unknown origins that was in the possession of the Celestial Guardians until the then soon to be banished Xemgao stole the sword.


Omega VII: Dark DelusionEdit

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  • The Sword itself prevents its user from aging.
  • The Sword contains the element Vixedin.
  • Once it has a wielder the sword can not be wielded by another until its wielder is dead, but creatures that are blood related to the wielder may wield the sword and/or become its new wielder.



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Phantom / AncientEdit

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The two grandchildren of Xemgao were each given a half of the Vixedin Sword which had powered down back into its weaker "X-Calibur" form.



Sword Timeline Wielder Notes
Vixedin Sword Before the Fall None The Original Sword
X-Calibur 0010 BFC - 0000 BFC OmegaX Weakened Sword
Vixedin Sword (Evil) 0000 BFC Xemgao Mutated Sword
Vixedin Sword (Demon) 0000 BFC - 0018 AΩX The Forgotten One Sword absorbed the Deadly Sin of Wrath, coming to life. In 0018 AΩX, Sword was split into two, which would later becoming Phantom and Ancient.


Sword Timeline Wielder Notes
X-Calibur (Phantom) 0055 AΩX - 2861 AΩX Hauser Blackwell None
Vixedin Sword (Phantom) 2861 AΩX - Hauser Blackwell Sword transformed after Hauser Blackwell was consumed by Wrath.


Sword Timeline Wielder Notes
X-Calibur (Tainted) 2840 AΩX - 2862 AΩX Beowulf Atma Sword switches between X-Calibur and Vixedin as Beowulf transforms into Exodus.
Vixedin Sword (Ancient) 2840 AΩX - 2862 AΩX Exodus, later Beowulf Atma as well In 2862 AΩX, after transforming numerous times, Sword remained in this form permanently.
Vixedin Sword (Ultimate) 2862 AΩX Xeminence Beowulf transformed into Xeminence, transforming the sword.
Vixedin Sword (Perfect) 2862 AΩX Beowulf Atma After transforming back to normal, the sword found itself in this new form, however Beowulf quickly used the Xuminal Sword and stabbed it into the eye of the Vixedin Sword causing the Soul Embrace.
Vixedin Sword Ω 2863 AΩX Beowulf Atma, new wielder unknown After the Soul Embrace, the Vixedin Sword became stronger than ever before, taking this form.
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