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Toph Bei Fong
Species: Human
Born: 2849 AΩX
Age: 13 (Omega 4)
14 (Omega 5)
Element: Earth
Job Class: Master
Weapon: Blue (Gloves)
Adamantine (Quarterstaff)
Appearances: Omega IV: Oblivion
Omega V: Redemption
Creator: Toph

Toph Bei Fong, best known as simply Toph, is just a wondering monk, on a search for unattainable truth, she was blinded on this quests, She can be blunt and to the point mocking anything even if it's serious and Important. she often gets on peoples nerves often receiving a lot of death threats from fellow group members. to her its your problem not hers and you have to deal with her attitude.

She is also known as the one and only child of the rich Bei Fong family whose symbol is a flying boar. Her parents were very protective of her, mainly because she is blind. But despite the handicap she is a very talented with Earth Magic. She kept it a secret from her family as well as her Earth Magic teacher, Master Yu. She enters in a tournament called Earth Rumble, under the name of The Blind Bandit.


Toph Holding The Earth Rumble belt