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Time Devourer
Species: Alien Parasite Hybrid
Born: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Element: Absolute
Job Class: Unknown
Weapon: Unknown
Appearances: None
Creator: OmegaX

The Time Devourer also known as simply the Devourer is a God like character of unknown origins that was defeated by six of the Seven Great Demon Gods. The Great Demon Gods inorder to defeat the Devourer split it into three parts, Mind, Body and Soul.


Mind (Dragon God)[]

The Dragon God

The mind of the Dragon God was split into six, each part was inserted into the Great Dragons of Xareth. Eventually one of the Dragons fooled Beowulf Atma into helping her fuse the Dragon into one being by using the power of the Frozen Flame to form the Dragon God.

Body (Yiazmat)[]

Yiazmat, the Wyrm God

The soulless and mindless Body of the Devourer became what was known as Yiazmat, the Wyrm God. Yiazmat was sealed away by the Seven Great Demon Gods, the seal was placed on seven different planets. The main goal of the Zodiac XIII was to free Yiazmat, they had planned for the Omega IV: Oblivion party to defeat Belial hoping she would make one of them the Key which would allow that person to bypass all seven temples and unlock Yiazmat, unfortunately the Key was killed shortly after. The Temple Guardian which are in each temple represent one of the Seven Great Demon Gods and upon being defeating would embed its respective crest on the victor. Once someone defeats all seven guardians they would have two options, sacrifice themselves to seal Yiazmat away forever thereby killing Yiazmat or breaking the seal and unleashing Yiazmat.

Soul (Aphrodite)[]

Main article: Strife

Strife possessed by Aphrodite in Omega V: Redemption.

The soul of the Time Devourer selects a new host every time its host dies, its last host was the Emperor of the Malkuth Empire, Strife. Aphrodite had no interest in combining itself with the Dragon God and Yiazmat, and since the Dragon God's minions, the Zodiac XIII would lose their powers when in Aphrodite's presence Xorn successfully plotted a plan that would cause Logan Atma to kill Aphrodite's host so they could capture him.