The Virus was a mutagenic virus on the planet Filgaia that first started when resurrected Global Union soldiers began to 'evolve' into creatures known as The Beasts. The virus was known scientifically as the Reaper Virus.

Evolution of the VirusEdit


L1s are the first stage of Undead, being people resurrected by Hauser Blackwell. In this stage they are very similiar to their original forms, aside from being unable to reproduce and a much lighter complexion. L1s also do not breathe.


L2s, also know as The Dark Ones are an evolved form of L1s. After several months, L1s evolve into L2, in the L2 stage Undead suffer from diminished intellect, and begin to lose feeling in their body. At this point their strength and endurance increase greatly at the cost of speed and a weakness for Holy magic.


L3s, also known as The Beasts were originally the final evolutionary stage of Undead, after several months L2s eventually die, however, some have managed to stay alive (... or undead) and evolved into L3s. All L3s have similar characteristics, gray skin, an increase in size, a dramatic increase in fighting capabilities, no hair whatsoever, fangs and an extreme weakness to sunlight. L3s lack the human emotions and human intelligence of L1s and L2s, they simply desire to feed on Humans, and by doing so, they risk turning those Humans into L3s. L3s mainly reside in destroyed cities that were abandoned either because of the L3s or because of the war.


In the year 2840 AΩX a new form of infected appeared, immune to sunlight, posing a far greater threat to humanity.

Purification of FilgaiaEdit

While a cure was never found, after the Human War the infected were all annihilated by the Congressional Knights.


The virus is expected to appear in Omega VIII: Armageddon.

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