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Species: Half Demon
Sylph (Revelations)
Born: 2847 AΩX
Age: 15 (Omega 4)
16 (Omega 5)
Element: Wind
Job Class: Mage
Weapon: Tessen Doki (Staff)
Raikou Doki (Wakizashi)
Ketsueki & Dokyou (Dual Zweihander swords)
Appearances: Omega IV: Oblivion
Omega V: Redemption
Creator: Temari

Temari in her mutated Devil form

Temari, later known as Temari Kaji, is a freelance mage traveling looking forward to seeing the sights, and kicking ass and taking names.

Temari grew in a village on the world of Oblivion with her close friend Aori, who was like a brother to her, and had secret feelings for him which cuminating in their later marriage, and her pregnancy with the birth of thier baby Rika.

The death of Aori drove her insane and she dragged around his corpse refusing to acknoledge his death going as far as reanimating it like a puppet. The corpse was later devoured by Sasori's shadow pushing Temari further over the edge putting her into catatonic state making her mentally dead to the world.

When she came out of the state she has no memory of anything taking advantage Genesis convinces her that he is her lover and now they are currently in a relationship with him worried that she would kill him if her memories come back, and they seem to be slowly coming back. her memory came back when Hawk told her the truth, making her angry with Genesis she let it go still focued on the death of Aori taking her child back because it was the only she had of him and the memories of their love. she didn't want to take her Child to Filgaia so she droped her off step parents house on the planet Oblivion, after the events of Filgaia she hasn't yet been seen again.

Redemption[edit | edit source]

Picture of Temari-X

Temari-X is an Android built in the appearence of the Original Temari, her purpose unknown, she think, and beleive she is the real Temari right to all the memories of the past,her real name is Kanon and is a bioengineered Intelligence Android created by Lucca, Her purpose was to steal something from Exile but stopped when the real Temari took over the shell created by Kanon to infiltrate the group, and appeared to have killed Kanon, and in the battle with Yaizmat The Temari shell body was completely vaporized,

Return of the Real Temari[edit | edit source]

The fake Temari was killed, the real one emerges from her pod, to rejoin the group, near the end of their battle with Yaizmat, what she is now is unclear.

Picture of Temari at the end of Omega 5

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