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Sun Wukong
Sun wukong.jpg
Species: Human
Born: Unknown
Age: ? (Omega 5)
Element: Wind
Job Class: Master
Weapon: Bo Staff
Appearances: Omega V: Redemption
Creator: banditkid

Sun Wukong is a character in Omega V: Redemption, and part of the Redemption party.

The imprisoned Spirit of the Jingu Bang staff found in a temple near the temple of death in forest of the planet of Kadrian, Sun Wukong was imprisoned in his staff after he had angered the gods with his childish behavior and constantly disobeying their commands. His punishment to serve 5000 years as a human, having to change host to host, it is not known how many years he has left on his sentence all that he knows is that he needs to complete only one more human cycle



  • Redemption Party