Species: Ject
Born: 2830 AΩX
Deadpool, Filgaia
Age: 10 (Destruction)
Element: N/A
Job Class: N/A
Weapon: N/A
Appearances: Omega Destruction
Creator: Lenalee

Subject 793, better known as simply Konata is one of the first Jects created at Deadpool for the war against the Global Union.






Subject 793Edit


Over two thousands years after the death of Belial, Congressional Knight Scientists discovered some of her DNA within Belial's Cave on the island of Server. The scientists quickly realized the unbelievable genetic patterns she had, and the Congressional Knights saw this as an opportunity to create Super Soldiers to help win the war. Thousands of women were secretly injected with nanites that rewrote the genetic code of their reproductive material, of all these women, thousands of these women eventually became pregnant, 10% of the women managed to give birth, the rest either died, or had miscarriages, a mere 20% of the babies born managed to make it past the age of 3. These children were trained and tested every day non-stop to become super soldiers.

Special PowersEdit

  • Spirit of Impact - She can freely manipulate the "spirit" that flows inside her body. She can use this flowing spirit to strike its enemies with heavy iron-like blows.
  • Spirit of Ice - She leaps into the air using spirit energy and quickly shoots small icy crystalline bolts from her mouth that can harm her Targets as well as freeze them, she also able to lower her body temperature, without causing harm to herself, reaching -105°F within a few tenths of a second. She is able to freeze any moisture in the air around her into unusually hard ice to form ice-slides and various projectiles and shields (also ladders, baseball bats, etc.). she can travel rapidly along these ice-slides or ice-bridges by causing ice to form rapidly beneath and behind her feet, pushing her along the slick surface; She can increase his speed by emitting ice through her feet like a jet engine and can obtain speeds of modern jets. She is also able to summon moisture from the air and create a flood. Iceman is immune to sub-zero temperatures and has thermal vision: the ability to detect objects visually by how much heat the objects generate. According to the laws of thermodynamics, cold is defined as the absence of heat. Therefore, she does not actually emanate cold, but rather absorbs and dispels heat
  • Spirit of Evolution - Using Spirit she can temporarily grow up to 6 years in age, and have a body of an 16 year old, this has a side effect of taking through the stage body quickly, and the mental, and internal change that it involves it also take a lot out of her to do it.



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