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Subject 754
Species: Ject
Born: 2827 AΩX Deadpool,Filgaia
Age: 13 (OD)
36 (O5)
Element: Gravity
Job Class: Gunblade Specialist
Weapon: Gunblade & AK 27 (Blade Gun)
Appearances: Omega V: Redemption
Omega Destruction
Creator: Juna

Subject 754, better known as Lightning, Gravity Soldier and Crush Lady is a Major Omega Series character who is the Minor protagonist in Omega Destruction


Subject 754[]

Over two thousand years after the death of Belial, Congressional Knight Scientists discovered some of her DNA within Belial's Cave on the island of Server. The scientists quickly realized the unbelievable genetic patterns she had, and the Congressional Knights saw this as an opportunity to create Super Soldiers to help win the war. Thousands of women were secretly injected with nanites that rewrote the genetic code of their reproductive material, of all these women, thousands of these women eventually became pregnant, 10% of the women managed to give birth, the rest either died, or had miscarriages, a mere 20% of the babies born managed to make it past the age of 3. These children were trained and tested every day non-stop to become super soldiers.

Omega Destruction[]

Lightning in Omega Destruction.


She uses the codename "Lightning" to hide her true identity and her past is unclear at the moment because she is suffering from some form of amnesia., while others say she is the enemy of humanity who will bring about the downfall of the world, She is a mercenary and former member of the Congressional Knights