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Species: Eudaemon
Born: 2820 AΩX
Age: 43 (Omega 5 - Death)
Element: Holy
Job Class: Paladin
Holy Swordsman
Weapon: Blade of Light
Appearances: Omega V: Redemption
Creator: Drake

Stryker (2820 AΩX - 2863 AΩX), first made his debut, when the party returned to Spira in Omega V: Redemption, and served as a servant for Drake Sunstrider. He is from a small unrecognized group of warriors who believe in the Light, and battle anything from the darkness.



Stryker wears his armor at all times, so no one knows his true face. However it is clear from his wings in normal mode that he is a Eudaemon. His armor is silvery with a blue outfit underneath it.


Picture of Stryker in Omega V: Redemption

Stryker's personality is very straight forward. He is a believer of the light, and will often preach to any one he meets on the values of the light, and the evils of the darkness.



Very little is known of Stryker’s past, however it is known that he is apart of an organization known as Believers of the Light.

Redemption and Servitude[]

Stryker mysteriously happened upon the Redemption party on the planet of Spira, in a response of Scout's desire for a miracle. Upon joining the party, he began proclaiming himself the party's saviour and began preaching the teachings he learned of the light to his new found friends. Almost immediately, Stryker was ridiculed by numerous members of the party, but persisted in continuing to teach the ways of the light. After a certain point, Drake lost his patience and yelled at Stryker to stop speaking about the light. For reasons unknown, Stryker obeyed, and began treating Drake as his master, and refers to him as 'my liege'.

As time passed, Stryker began to undertake small missions for Drake, ranging from scouting for Exile, to getting pizza for Hawk. Also during his servitude, He begins to take lessons from Hawk into the arts of vulgar speech, which is one of Hawk's specialties.

Final Stand[]

The party arrived at the first temple, home of Lucifer, who for reasons unknown enrage Stryker into breaking free of servitude to Drake, and began a lone combat against Lucifer much like Jesus, and lost terribly. As he passed away back to the light, he gave Drake the charge of being the new Defender of the Light to continue the legacy he began.



  • Drake Sunstrider - Stryker's master while with the party.
  • Anyone who is not evil in nature.



  • Enemies of the Light