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Emperor Strife Astlar Grandall
Species: Human
Born: 2823 AΩX
Age: 40 (Omega 5 - Death)
Element: Void
Job Class: Vixedin Knight
Weapon: Ambition (Modified Zweihander Sword)
Appearances: Omega V: Redemption
Creator: OmegaX

Emperor Strife Astlar Grandall (2823 AΩX - 2863 AΩX), best known as simply Strife, was the only heir of the Astlar dynasty ruling the empire of Malkuth, and eventually became corrupted by the Soul of the Time Devourer, Aphrodite, which caused him to serve as a major antagonist in Omega V: Redemption.


After his father's death during a battle, he's appointed as the heir of the reign when he was only ten years old. Blinded by greed and power, his close relatives plotted everyday to kill him and take control of Malkuth for themselves.

Strife endured days without a proper meal, without good sleep and hiding a knife every time. Eventually the stress and fear started eating away his sanity.

Then one day he started hearing voices every time he sat on the throne. The voices came from deep within the castle. Eventually at the time he understood those voices, his behavior changed completely. He started executing his relatives, and torturing anyone who arises his suspicions. His leadership turned into dictatorship. He also started amassing armies in silence, while not interfering with the war between Dalkia and Halteese. Around this time, he became possessed with the Soul of the Time Devourer, which further deteriorated his mind.

Strife in Omega V: Redemption.