Shattered Edge is a series of five fantasy novels written by Omega Series creator OmegaX from 1999-2003. Shattered Edge served as a basis behind characters and story-arcs used in the Omega Series. Omega X: Rise Of The Champion was based directly on Shattered Edge.


  • Shattered Edge
  • SE: The Master of the Puppets
  • SE: Death After Dishonor
  • SE: The Sun Doesn't Rise
  • SE: The Perfect Enemy


There are numerous differences between Shattered Edge and Omega X: Rise Of The Champion.

  • The Champion is completely nameless, and is referred to as the "protagonist".
  • At the end of the first novel, Ashley Williams is written out of the story with no plans for her to return. She returns at the end of the third novel. In Omega X: Rise Of The Champion however, when she is killed, her presence within the story remains, stretching numerous story-arcs, and she returns earlier.
  • The Protagonist dies three times, twice in Death After Dishonor (killed by Alyssa, suicide) and again in The Perfect Enemy (fighting Baal), in Omega X: Rise Of The Champion resurrections are prohibited (despite occurring in numerous other Omega titles).
  • As a result of no resurrections in Omega X: Rise Of The Champion, the character Mors was cut.
  • In Omega X: Rise Of The Champion, Billy, as well as the Master appear from the very beginning, in Shattered Edge, neither appear until The Master of the Puppets, this resulted in huge changes to Billy's character, as well as her relationship to the protagonist.
  • In Omega X: Rise Of The Champion, the Sun Doesn't Rise battle against Gabriel is a recurring story-arc from the very beginning, this is completely absent from Shattered Edge, the Master does however briefly mention Gabriel in The Master of the Puppets.
  • In Shattered Edge, the protagonist never becomes a Cyborg, nor is he betrayed by Space Colony Delta, instead he turns on them after Anders poisons him with his own serum.
  • In Shattered Edge, the Chaos Theory arc never occurs, the protagonist instead kills Jet after Jet triggers the protagonist's Darkside transformation.

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