Cliff Fitter
Scourge 1
Species: Human
Born: 2760 AΩX
Age: 70 (Death)
Element: Void
Job Class: N/A
Weapon: Lumina (Great Sword)
Appearances: Omega V: Redemption
Creator: OmegaX

Clifford 'Cliff' Fitter (2760 AΩX - 2830 AΩX), better known as Scourge was one of the greatest soldiers in the Congressional Knight army during the war and is a War Hero, although his arch rival was the Black Reaper, they both had great respect for each other, Scourge died fighting the Black Reaper. Scourge would become Xorn, leader of the Zodiac XIII and would eventually merge with his master the Time Devourer. Ironically Xorn's new powers, which he had plotted to get for ages would curse him with an unending hunger which would prevent him from ever creating his idealistic world.

Scourge was prophesied as the Chosen One, being the son of alien Garland. However, instead of saving people from the Devourer, he became the Devourer.

"The Chosen One will save us all from the Devourer of Worlds. He will be the scourge of Filgaia yet be the son of a man from outer-space."



Cliff was born in 2760 AΩX, Cliff would be different from others, as his father was an alien who vanished before Cliff was born.

Human WarEdit

During the Human War he took the name Scourge and trained several soldiers including Albel Nox and Beowulf Atma. During the War, Scourge participated in the three Chronicles of the Sword tournaments, winning all three, and creating an unprecedented 10 - 0 winning streak.


13 Scourge

Scourge would face off in a final one on one battle against Hauser Blackwell. Despite Scourge's age, he was a formidable opponent, however he was no match for Hauser who gave Scourge a Warriors Death.


Main article: Xorn

Scourge would be reborn as a Scion and would manipulate everyone in his path in his quest for power. He would eventually fall victim to his power as his new powers would give him an unending hunger that would prevent him from ever reaching his ideals.




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