Sano Drago
Sano drago
Species: Dragovian
Born: 2842 AΩX
Age: 21 (O5)
Element: Fire
Job Class: Warrior
Weapon: Long Sword
Appearances: Omega V: Redemption
Creator: Eden

Sano Drago is a character in Omega V: Redemption, and part of the Redemption party.


Sano drago m

Picture of Sano mutated in Omega V: Redemption

Sano was born to a well known heroine, who disappeared on her last adventure, and his father left for her search, and did not return since he was 7. He became interested in the fire element around age 10 and was thought to have mastered it quite quickly. A poor merchant sold him a special sword for a reasonable price but told him it came with a curse. Sano didn't believe it at the time, and bought the infamous Dragon Sword. Sano prefers to work alone but doesn't hesitate to help those in need.



  • Redemption Party
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