Species: Demon God hybrid
Born: 2835 AΩX
Age: 5 (OD)
30 (O8)
Element: Oblivion
Job Class: Perfect Soldier (OD)
Paragon Post OD)
Weapon: Vanguard (Great Sword)
Appearances: Omega Destruction
Omega VIII: Armageddon
Creator: OmegaX

Saladin, originally known by the the code name Project Vanguard is a major antagonist in the Omega Series first introduced in Omega Destruction as the Perfect Soldier, working directly as a Global Union soldier. He ultimately serves as the final boss of Omega Destruction.

After the events of Omega Destruction, Saladin renames himself Adam Latro, and works at an orphanage, where he meets his future wife Gabriella Kotch.

By Omega VIII: Armageddon, Saladin is in charge of the orphanage and is a mentor to many orphans, including Vyse and Sigma.


Omega DestructionEdit

Perfect SoldierEdit

The Perfect Soldier was mentioned briefly by Nikolai Sokolov as he warned Maverick of the coming threat at the Chronicles of the Sword tournament.


An incomplete Masked Saladin in Omega Destruction.

Saladin, known as the Perfect Soldier would appear briefly with his escort Nuur on a ferry headed to Server Island. Saladin would achieve much success in the tournament, defeating the likes of Albel Nox, Lambda Zellwegger and Beowulf Atma before reaching the final. In the tournament final, Saladin faced off against Scythe, despite Scythe's new found powers, Saladin dominated the fight, until its conclusion where Saladin taunted Scythe causing Scythe to break his limits and viciously attack Saladin, Saladin would eventually counter with a headbutt which cracked his mask, forcing him to forfeit.


The Perfect Soldier is in an underground laboratory, surrounded by wires and machines. All around him was solid cement and one wall made of a giant mirror. On the other side of that mirror a group of scientist carefully observe the Perfect Soldier, and control the equipment that monitors him. "Father, forgive me!!" Perfect Soldier cries out from the medical bed that he's locked and strapped to while being extensively electrocuted. Through a two way speaker box a man tries to gently console him, who turns out to be the head of Deadpool, Sokolov. Sokolov takes a deep breath, before he speaks, "We're infusing the powers of monsters into you. It’s for the greater good son. Just bear the pain." Moments later Yusuke Nebular appears. This confirms the fact that this entire group of scientist is in a Global Union lab and that Sokolov is a traitor. Nebular impatiently says, "'Project Vanguard' better show better results than what happened at the tournament-" But Sokolov quickly interrupts and says confidently, "The Perfect Soldier has been finally given a name…. A name fitting of the soldier that shall lead us to absolute victory... Saladin."


Luciferian Saladin, the final boss of Omega Destruction.

With the start of Chapter 5, Perfect Soldier had now taken the name Saladin, and it was now revealed that he was Project Vanguard and that the "father" he had constantly referred to was Nikolai Sokolov.

Saladin eventually intercepts the Jects, in the midst if a battle between Albedo and Scythe. Saladin interferes and absorbs Albedo and Scythe's powers, turning into Luciferian Saladin much to the delight of his father.

Omega VIII: ArmageddonEdit

Saladin returns in Omega VIII: Armageddon, stronger than ever, surpassing his mother Belial in power.

Omega VIII: Armageddon reveals what Saladin had been doing since Omega Destruction. Saladin, now known as Adam Latro. Adam is the head of Vyse and Sigma's orphanage, and is married to Gabriella Kotch who is completely unaware of his origins.





  • Global Union, formerly, abandoned before the Union was dissolved.
  • Orphanage.



Perfect SoldierEdit

Saladin's incomplete form, as seen in most of Omega Destruction. His face is not fully constructed hence why he wears a mask.


Beast Saladin, as he appears in the cliffhanger ending of Omega Destruction.


Saladin with his mask removed now that he is complete. He's far stronger, and no long hesitates in battle out of fear that his mask may fall off or break as it did in the tournament.

Luciferian SaladinEdit

Saladin's transformation after absorbing Scythe and Albedo. He commands the powers of Holy and Darkness while utilizing the power of flight.


Saladin in Demon God form in Omega IX: Condemned.

Beast SaladinEdit

Saladin's corrupted form. As it turned out, Saladin was infused with the dna of hundreds of monsters. After being rejected by his father, Saladin loses control and transforms in the wild uncontrollable monster, Beast Saladin.

Demon God SaladinEdit

Demon God Saladin, or as he calls it, DG Saladin, is Saladin's final form, obtained between Omega Destruction and Omega IX: Condemned. In this form, Saladin is able to fully channel his mother's powers.


Perfect SoldierEdit

Limit Break Damage Type Element
Perfect Sword Slashes Physical Oblivion
A series of perfectly executes sword slashes.

Techs/Magic Damage Type Element
Headbutt Physical Void
A headbutt, used as a counter attack or attack interruption.
Perfect Strike Physical Void
Saladin strike his opponent with perfect accuracy, unmissable.


All moves are carried over from Perfect Soldier form. Perfect Sword Slashes is now a regular move.

Limit Break Damage Type Element
Perfect Soldier Wave Magical Oblivion
Energy is thrust out from the body in the form of a barrier with great force.

Luciferian SaladinEdit

All moves are carried over from Saladin form.

Limit Break Damage Type Element
Angelic Fallen Angel Slash Physical Oblivion
Saladin slashes opponent in mid-air multiple times.

Beast SaladinEdit

Unlike previous forms, no moves are carried over.

Limit Break Damage Type Element
Forsaken Magical Divine
Using the combined powers of darkness and holy, Saladin creates a giant sphere above him which continues to grow until it covers the sky to the point that it covers light emitting from stars, leaving the area in darkness. Saladin then proceeds to launch the sphere at opponents.

Techs/Magic Damage Type Element
Blood Roar Physical Void
Beast Saladin roars with all his might, stunning all opponents.
Beast Tramp Physical Void
Beast Saladin runs and tramples over all opponents.
Beast Slash Physical Void
Beast Saladin attacks opponent with his giant sword.

Demon God SaladinEdit

All moves are carried over from Saladin form. Perfect Soldier Wave is now a regular move.

Limit Break Damage Type Element
Vanguardia Magical Oblivion
Saladin uses's Belial's Demon God Wave numerous times without mercy in quick succession.


Weapon Weapon Type Notes
Vanguard Great Sword Debuted in Omega Destruction, equipped in Perfect Soldier and complete Saladin form.
Heaven & Hell Great Sword Debuted in Omega Destruction, upgraded form of Vanguard, equipped in Luciferian form.
Vanguard Deux Giant Zweihander Sword Debuted in Omega Destruction, upgraded form of Vanguard, equipped in Beat Saladin form.
Belial's Successor Great Sword Demon God Saladin's sword.

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