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Rin Dahlia
Species: Enterran
Born: 2844 AΩX
Age: 18 (O5)
Element: Time
Job Class: Ardent
Weapon: Enigma
Appearances: Omega V: Redemption
Creator: Temari

Rin is arogent young, and very Xenophobic not liking any species she deemed unpure, she joined the group after they destroyed the tribe she had been taking refuge in, she has continue to show she doesn't like anyone she refers to as freaks. she tried to seduce Logan failing and him threatening her life, she vows vengeance on him and plans to try to kill him. After several attempts to do so the group left her on Elicoor, where managed to escape a rapist, and was land seen defending her against a large cat her present status is unknown.



  • Mugen Dahlia, Uncle