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Rem Saverem
Rem saverem.jpg
Species: Human
Born: 2843 AΩX
Age: 20 (O5)
Element: Gravity
Job Class: Paladin
Weapon: Wakizashi
Appearances: Omega V: Redemption
Creator: Rem

Rem is a character in Omega V: Redemption, and part of the Redemption party. Rem left her home planet aboard Space Sheep when the planet's resources were all consumed and it became inhospitable. In their search for a new home, the remnants of her race with their cryogenically frozen human cargo in tow, When one of the crew went insane killing everyone in site and change the ships coarse casing it to crash taking everyone but Rem with her becoming somewhat of a hermit on the planet Oblivion.


Picture of Rem mutated in Omega V: Redemption



  • Redemption Party