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Rein Raga
Species: Human
Born: 2813 AΩX
Age: 27 (Omega 1)
Element: Darkness
Job Class: Mage Knight
Weapon: Long Swords
Appearances: Omega RP
Creator: Bass

Rein Raga, is a world-renowned assassin and mercenary. In a duel against his elder brother, he lost his left arm and has since replaced it with a bronze claw. He earned the nickname "Siphon" because of his cut-throat and lightning fast fighting style. He has assassinated thousands of men, slaughtered countless villages, and destroyed an unknown (but very high) number of organizations and armies. He seems to have no feelings, and normally shows no mercy to his opponents. He looks forward to selling his soul to the devil and become a demon - a species that truly deserves his presence.


Rein Raga had no picture or the link in the original profile is now corrupt, as a result an image best reflecting the character was chosen.