Omega VIII: Armageddon
Developer(s): OmegaX
Publisher(s): OmegaX
Released: N/A
Genre: War
Rating: R
Page Count: N/A

Omega VIII: Armageddon takes place on Neo Filgaia after the events in Omega Chronicles which has caused a world war between Neo Brionac and Scythe's rebel faction, the Externals. The storyline switches between several groups, some of which being the parties of previous Omegas, most prominently the party of Omega Destruction.


Omega VIII has consists mainly of a new party formed by orphans turned rebels in the world war occurring on Neo Filgaia, featuring mainly a Filgaian cast. With the Omega 6 & 7 parties now combined they return to the present timeline and to Neo Filgaia in search of Scythe.


  • Vyse, the lead protagonist of Omega VIII: Armageddon. An orphan, he was given special powers by a mysterious woman under the condition that he watch over Sigma.
  • Sigma, Vyse's right hand man. Sigma is a mute who has no combat skills but would do anything to help Vyse.
  • Bianca



Neo BrioancEdit



As a result of Omega VIII: Armageddon and Omega IX: Condemned being so closely tied together, certain plot elements, story lines and characters were toggled around between the two before being finalized.

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