Omega IX: Condemned
Developer(s): OmegaX
Publisher(s): OmegaX
Released: N/A
Genre: War
Rating: R
Page Count: N/A

Omega IX: Condemned, is a direct sequel to Omega VIII: Armageddon, having an immediate follow-up to the ending, serving as a continuation of its storyline with the introduction of new antagonist, the Champion.


Lambda Zellwegger's plans to become a god fall to pieces when the Celestial Guardians call upon the Champion's help. However peace is short lived when the Champion appears to have ulterior motives. The Celestial Guardians are wiped out, as the parties unite to defeat Xorn Devourer and stop the Champion.

The storyline begins with the Omega VIII party (which includes characters from Omega Destruction) versus the party from Omega VII (which includes characters from Omega II, III, TCOTE, IV, V, VI and VII), whilst the Champion battles Lambda Zellwegger and series anti-hero Scythe.


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As a result of Omega VIII: Armageddon and Omega IX: Condemned being so closely tied together, certain plot elements, story lines and characters were toggled around between the two before being finalized.

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