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Omega IV: Oblivion
Omega 4OBLIVION.jpg
Developer(s): OmegaX
Publisher(s): OmegaX
Released: September 20, 2006
Genre: Adventure
Rating: R
Page Count: 624

Omega IV: Oblivion is the 5th RP in the Omega Series which serves as a direct sequel to Omega III: Dark Resurrection and an indirect sequel to Omega III: The Clash of the Elements.



"Twelve years ago Coresatsuno 'Bass' Siphondel won a tag team tournament and was awarded a cursed demonic sword, the Dragovian Sword which he foolishly believed was the sword of legend the X-Calibur. Once he obtained the sword, it corrupted him and he killed his tag team partner, along with his superiors, the Congressional Knights. He later went on to take over most of Filgaia as an Overlord. Unfortunately for Bass, he failed to realize he was nothing more then Belial’s pawn.

Ten years later, several Filgaians participated in a tournament to win a legendary armor. It was in fact nothing but a ruse concocted by Belial, the Demon God, to see how strong the people of Filgaia had become. When the tournament ended, her servant, the Judge Master, attacked Bass and took back the Dragovian Sword. Which had caused him to transform back into the Fallen Angel, who had appeared ten years earlier when Bass won the tournament. Bass, no longer possessing the sword, reverted back into his human form, while Belial revealed her true identity. Afterwards, she decided to send all her little puppets to her planet, Oblivion, to be her slaves.

The year is 21 A.R. (2862 AΩX in Filgaian years, which is 2 years after Omega III: Dark Resurrection) and a lot has happened to Filgaia in the past two years. A Filgaian has somehow unlocked the Mammon Machine and has absorbed the Demon God Lanacura’s power. This new Demon God has killed most of the people on Filgaia, while Belial’s Fallen Angel servant Zarth, better known as the Filgaian Scythe, has betrayed her and apparently seeks out a way to destroy her...

While I am but a watcher, I've watched all of these events transpire from the monitors at the Imperial City, which is on the planet of Oblivion. I, Genesis, am trapped on this world just like those tournament participants, with a small exception. I’m free to wander. But, although I am liberated to roam this globe, I am unable to leave it. That’s all going to change soon, because I know a way to get off this planet. The thing is, I need one of those participant’s help. Siphondel holds the key to the gateway out of this planet, but doesn’t even know it."

Weeks after traveling from the Imperial City the mysterious Genesis arrived at Kuatch Prison where the Filgaians were being held prisoners. Genesis decided to attack the prison directly knowing that the majority of the daemon prison guards had already been sent to Filgaia to try and destroy the new Demon God.

The guards struck relentlessly for every one of their comrades that died quickly by his sword. Both bullet fire and blade assaults rushed towards Genesis, whose blood-drenched sword hovered over a deceased guard. Swift blade strikes repelled the bullets and parried the blades, resulting in gunfire turning "friendly" and killing off numerous guards. It seemed to rain blood, and for that moment, it appeared as if it would rain forever, as an unimaginably endless torrent of guards flooded the gates. For every guard that Genesis effortlessly slew, two more filled their place. The movements of Genesis seemed flawless, leaving no opening and spilling the blood of multiple guards with each swift stroke. As another guard fell at Genesis' bloodthirsty blade, he looked up to see a grim sky in place of the calm one. His pupils dilated and his eyes were shaking as they were drawn to the blade that had just impaled his back, the edge coming out through the stomach. Blood ran down the blade like a river, spilling off the end into the pool of blood at his feet. A pulse went through his mind, a sudden ache. The pace of the beating sped up, causing him to clutch his head. He still held onto his blade, but weakly. The guard behind him, who apparently had tried to impale Genesis, attempted to pull his blade out, but couldn't. Within an instant, the guards around Genesis became nothing more than disintegrating bodies, the blade in Genesis' stomach becoming ash. His armor seemed different, as if from another world. His human looks were warped and his eyes shot red from the sight of his own blood. His arms pulsed with boiling blood, as a demonic grin formed across his face; Genesis had fallen to his mutation and he had become Exodus. Looking towards the gates, his voice became low and empty. "Souls... I need more... souls," he growled, taking a step closer to the gates. Exodus slammed through the gateway, yelling for the guards to come and attack. Ironically the guards fled, knowing that this was the same Azure Knight who had brutally destroyed the Kakodaemon tribe near Cheydinhal. Moments later, Exodus reverted back into Genesis and collapsed. After an hour, Genesis awoke. Unsure as to what had happened to all the guards, he went deeper into the prison until he found the captives. Genesis immediately released them from their cages.

"No time to waste, we have to get out of here before reinforcements arrive."

Reception and Legacy[]

Oblivion achieved instant success upon launch scoring 10 pages a day for around the first 10 days of its launch and being the fastest growing RP in 3 years since Digimon: Quest For The Digimentals. Oblivion became the fastest RP to hit the 300, 400 and 500 page mark and became the longest RP in Nexxus history surpassing World of Spira. Oblivion also managed to be the only RP in Nexxus History to reach the 200 page mark on the 40 posts per page Board Setting. According to RP creator OmegaX Oblivion has "taken the RP forum by the balls" which does seem to indeed be the case. When asked about the future of the Omega Series OmegaX said "the next installment of the Omega Series is unlikely to surpass Oblivion but Omega VI on the other hand has the potential to [go] as far as 1000 pages".

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Chaos Divine Holy Shadow Void
Darkness Earth Ice Space Water
Death Fire Obliteration Thunder Wind
Destruction Gravity Oblivion Time

Bold indicates Prohibited Elements.
Italics indicates New Elements.

Job Classes[]

Job Classes returned, and were heavily expanded upon. [1][2][3][4]


Centaur Heartless Angel Mutant X Skeleton Werewolf
Daemon Lamia Oni Specter Zombie
Desolated Angel Lizardman Shokan Vampire
Devil Minotaur Siren WEAPON


Chocobo Demon Dwarf Goblin Human (Teen) Moogle
Choco-Human Demon God Eudaemon Half Demon Imp Orc
Crimson Noble Diclonius Fairy Human (Adult) Kakodaemon Troll
Dark Elf Dragovian Fallen Angel Human (Elder) Light Elf Undead

Bold indicates Races that are prohibited.
Italics indicates New Races.