Omega III: Dark Resurrection
Developer(s): OmegaX
Publisher(s): OmegaX
Released: April 3, 2006
Genre: Adventure
Rating: M
Page Count: 78

Omega III: Dark Resurrection is the third installment in the Omega Series. Its a direct sequel to Omega II: Tag Team Tournament occurring 10 years later.



Ten years have passed since Bass killed Raizen after winning The Chronicles of the Sword. The year is 2860 AΩX, Coresatsuno "Bass" Siphondel has taken over the biggest and most technologically advanced country on Filgaia, Edge. Bass was a Congressional Knight spy during the previous tournament, his objective was to retrieve the X-Calibur Sword, oddly, the sword itself was cursed, and corrupted Bass the moment he laid hands on it, when he got back to the Congressional Knight's headquarters, he killed his superiors; the 5 remaining Congressional Knights. He took over what was left of their secretive organization and obliterated every human on Edge, he used Edge as a Kingdom for his new Empire, since then Bass has taken over several other countries, he rules almost all of Filgaia, with an iron fist no less.

With the Referee dead, the annual tournaments ceased, recently the XdXS Arena has been refurbished and a new tournament has been announced, know one knows who has refurbished the arena or why, but the grand prize is Dragovian King Armor, legend has it, this armor made the Dragovian King almost impervious to pain.

The night after the tournament was announced, an enigmatic man went into a cemetery in Edge. When he found Raizen's grave, he cast a mysterious spell, moments later, Raizen rose from the grave, but Raizen had not been resurrected, he was not alive, but not dead, he was Undead. The enigmatic man then vanished without saying a word, leaving a flyer behind him. Raizen still in shock at not being alive again but rather at being in-between life and death, when he looked at the flyer he saw the words "The Chronicles of the Sword", he then muttered the words "Bass", and destroyed the flyer.


Belial Oblivion

Belial sending everyone to Oblivion.

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During the final fight between the two arch enemies, the Judge Master interrupted and stole the Dragovian Sword and revived his powers as Belial imprisoned tournament participants and spectators on Oblivion in prison.



Tournament ParticipantsEdit


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Darkness Fire Non-Elemental Water
Destruction Gravity Shadow Wind
Divine Holy Thunder
Earth Ice Time

Bold indicates Elements that are prohibited.
Italics indicates New Elements.

Job ClassesEdit

Job Classes returned but were divided into two levels, Basic and Advanced, Basic being all the jobs from Omega II: Tag Team Tournament.[1][2]


Races were introduced, the Human race was thereby divided into three different races by age because of its foreseen popularity.[3]

Chocobo Demon God Fallen Angel Human (Elder) Undead
Choco-Human Dwarf Goblin Moogle
Dark Elf Light Elf Human (Teen) Orc
Demon Fairy Human (Adult) Troll

Bold indicates Races that are prohibited.

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