Omega II: Tag Team Tournament
Developer(s): OmegaX
Publisher(s): OmegaX
Released: December 2, 2005 [1]
Genre: Adventure
Rating: M
Page Count: 30 [2]

Omega II Tag Team Tournament is the second RP in the Omega Series, it completely restarted the series although the Omega RP occurs in the same universe.

Omega II saw the debut of several major characters including Scythe, Raizen Toshira, Porto and Coresatsuno "Bass" Siphondel.



This RP takes place in the 2850 AΩX (similar to the 18th century in real life), the storyline is all about finding a tag team partner and participating in the Tag Team Tournament; The Chronicles of the Sword. The Grand prize is a sword of legend, the X-Calibur and 1,000,000 gil.

During battles, both members of a team will be competing against the opposing team in a two on two battle, if a battle takes too long, the match will be ended by the referee and the referee will a select a winner by who RPed best in the battle.

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Darkness Fire Non-Elemental Water/Ice
Earth Holy Thunder Wind

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Assassin Gladiator Paladin Samurai
Barbarian Knight Pirate Thief
Dancer Monk Sage
Dark Knight Ninja Saint


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