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Omega Chronicles is a collection of short stories that occur before and after Omega VI: Revelations with the main purpose of keeping characters not present in Omega VI, and VII, active. It will also serve as a bridge to Omega VIII: Armageddon. Stories may also serve as a means to debut a new character.

Plots Confirmed[]

Adam-edo & Eve[]

  • Albedo continues his plans of murder and manipulation as he gets closer to his goal.

Brionac Rules[]

Redemption Party Looping Through Time[]

Scythe I: Hero[]

  • Scythe returns, and eventually kills a high ranking member of Neo Brionac which kicks off a world war.

Scythe II: War[]

  • Scythe becomes the Celestial Guardians last hope, but when all else fails, a second Falldown seems imminent to stop Xorn.