Nuur Al-Qatar
Species: Human
Born: 2823 AΩX
Age: 17 (Omega Destruction)
27 (Omega 2)
28 (Omega 3)
38 (Death)
Element: Fire
Job Class: Ninja
Weapon: None
Appearances: Omega II: Tag Team Tournament
Omega III: Dark Resurrection
Omega Destruction
Creator: NeoGenesesses

Nuur Al-Qatar (2823 AΩX - 2861 AΩX), was a recurring character in the Omega Series. He would become the Scion Phenex in Omega IV: Oblivion and Omega V: Redemption. After his permanent death, Nuur would appear in the Omega 1 remake Omega Destruction set when Nuur was 17.



Fighter Character Concept 01 by nuur

Nuur at the age of 17

Nuur lived in a village inside a desert, their village was located on an oasis. He has lived to learn the ways of his people. The use of fire and being able to control it is on of the biggest fundamentals of his culture. Within his tribe at the age of 15 you go through a ritual in order to become a man. Nuur wen't through this ritual in which you have to stay on the dessert without moving and even eating for week's on end naked. You have to use the you’re ability to control fire in order to survive. It is said ounce you go through this you will have a unbreakable bond with the sun even at night. You become stronger as you feed on heat. Nuur passed the ritual but at a great cost his arms were burned from enduring the heat more then he was required to. He has told his people that he is the "Nuur warrior"(light warrior). Thus giving himself the name Nuur but they outcasted him after he tried fighting the head fire master. Now he wanted to prove to his villiage that he has changed by winning the tournament and bringing the winnings to the fire master to prove that he was the Nuur warrior and also to be forgiven by him. He has been training near an isolated volcano trying to harness it's powers. But now he was finally ready for the tournament.

Omega DestructionEdit

Nuur would appear as an escort for the enigmatic Perfect Soldier.

The Chronicles of the Sword (2850 AΩX)Edit

In 2850, Nuur entered the Chronicles of the Sword tournament, he managed to make it to the final round where he teamed with Porto to face Raizen and Bass, unfortunately his luck ran out and Raizen and Bass were declared Tournament Champions.

The Chronicles of the Sword (2860 AΩX)Edit

10 years later Nuur attended the tournament but did not compete, he ran into Scythe who was guarding Belial's Cave, Nuur was eventually taken to Oblivion like the others, unfortunately he was killed soon after.

Zodiac XIIIEdit

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