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Nel Zelpher
Species: Human
Born: 2840 AΩX
Age: 23 (O5)
Element: Void
Job Class: Tantalus
Weapon: Blades of Ryusen (Dual Dagger)
Appearances: Omega V: Redemption
Creator: OmegaX

Nel Zelpher, is a highly skilled covert operations agent of the Kingdom of Aquios on Elicoor.



Nel's father, Nevelle Zelpher, was the chief intelligence officer of Aquios before, and passed the position down to his daughter. He was killed in action and Nel fully expects the possibility of a similar fate. She is prepared to sacrifice herself and others for the sake of her mission, but her kind heart gets in the way (attested to by her associate Clair Lasbard), presenting her with many dilemmas and tough decisions.

Omega V: Redemption[]


In the events of the RP, she learns of the crash of the mysterious ship and infiltrates the Airyglyph prison where the party are held. She aids the party in their escape under the condition that they assist the Aquarians in the completion of a superweapon; should they refuse, she'll kill them. This way, if the Aquarians cannot have this expertise, at least Airyglyph will not either. After their escape, Nel, and the party travel slowly towards Aquios as they stop to free Nel's friends and aid people in danger, such as in Keeley. Nel succeeds in so much as the party agree to help make the weapon (though more out of friendship than threatening), though the weapon ends up as more use against the Malkuth than Airyglyph. Along one point in the game, Nel heads for the Kirlsa Training Facility to rescue Tynave and Farleen from being executed. Together, the party infiltrate the grounds and saves Nel, along with Tynave and Farleen



  • Nevelle Zelpher, father.