Mike Cloud
Species: Human
Born: 2844 AΩX
Age: 16 (Omega 3)
19 (Omega 5)
Element: Water
Job Class: Thief
Weapon: White Thunder (Scimitar)
 ? (Katana)
Appearances: Omega III: The Clash of the Elements
Omega V: Redemption
Creator: banditkid

Mike Cloud, a Water Elementalist who played an important role in Omega III: The Clash of the Elements and Omega V: Redemption.


Born in a poor family, when he was 9 he learned he could manipulate water and so he started to play shows for the local kids in the area to gain small profits, his mother died when she had him, and when he was ten his father was taken by an unknown sickness. After the death of his father he became a thief stealing from the rich. Eventually he became an assassin as a scam to rob those who paid him, because he could never bring himself to kill another human being.

After joining the other Elementalists Mike Cloud was thought to have died during the battle with the Shadow Guard, in reality he had left the battlefield when all seemed lost. Days later Mike was taken along with several million other people by the Neo Brionac Organisation as the New Demon God of Death started to wipe out most living creatures on Filgaia. Neo Brionac sent Mike along with the millions of other people into Space, where a nearby planet was terraformed into a copy of Filgaia, called Neo Filgaia. Several months after settling fellow elementalist Alexei Takahashi got wind that his brother Karu Takahashi was not only alive but on the Space Colony Quartz, after hearing this Alexei and Mike hijacked a space-shuttle and flew to Quartz.






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