Paul Levesque
Species: Human
Born: 2820 AΩX
Age: 20 (OD)
42 (O4)
Element: Fire (Human)
Darkness (Beast)
Job Class: N/A
Weapon: Levantine Sword (2H Sword)
Bare Handed
Appearances: Omega IV: Oblivion
Omega Destruction
Creator: OmegaX

Paul Levesque, better known by his code name Maestro, is best know for being the son of Congressional Knight leader Trode Leveque (aka the Crimson Knight) and for being the foster brother of major villain & anti-hero Subject 667.



Paul grew up with Albel Nox, Roger Fitter and Beowulf Atma, they trained together during the Human War while their fathers fought in the war. All of them joined the Congressional Knight Army.



Maestro when he was Human.

As a member of the Congressional Knights Paul was given the code name, Maestro.

Omega DestructionEdit

Maestro made a cameo appearance in Omega Destruction, participating in the restarted Chronicles of the Sword tournament.

Death of his FatherEdit

When Maestro discovered that Scythe was given his father’s Dragovian Sword he was infuriated. After his father's assassination at the hands of Scythe. Maestro let Congressional Knight scientists experiment on his body, transforming him into a beast... He soon left the Congressional Knights to hunt Scythe.


Maestro was at the 2860 Chronicles of the Sword tournament where he was a member of the audience who was looking for Scythe, he ended up getting sent to the planet Oblivion with the rest of the audience, it didn't take him long to escape his confinement and he continued his search for Scythe.

Omega IV: OblivionEdit

Maestro made a quick appearance in Omega IV: Oblivion where he gave Genesis the Project Annihilation Disk.

The Disk would be used by Lucca in Omega V: Redemption to create the all-powerful Cypher...




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