Species: Enterran
Born: 8 BFC
Age: 2870 (Omega 4 - Death)
Element: Holy
Job Class: N/A
Weapon: None
Appearances: Omega IV: Oblivion
Creator: OmegaX

Lord Ryuma (8 BFC - 2862 AΩX) was one of Belial's three Lords, and served as a boss in Omega IV: Oblivion.

Storyline[edit | edit source]

Lord Ryuma[edit | edit source]

One of Belial's Three Lords, a Summoner who could summon the near invincible Shadow Lord, he was once defeated by Exodus, he desired power and wished to eliminate Albedo and take over Oblivion.

Grand Ryuma[edit | edit source]

The result of a fusion between the Shadow Lord and Lord Ryuma, and unbelievably powerful Dragon Man who fought Genesis and the party, he was defeated and killed when the party all unleashed their limit breaks.

Battle[edit | edit source]

Grand Ryuma[edit | edit source]

Limit Break Damage Type Element
Grand Flare Magical Holy
A powerful flare spell.

Shadow Lord[edit | edit source]

Limit Break Damage Type Element
Ultima Flare Magical Fire
An extremely powerful flare spell.

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