Ranking: Unknown
Species: Celestial Guardian
Demon God
Born: Unknown
Age: Unknown (Death)
Element: Death
Job Class: N/A
Weapon: N/A
Appearances: None
Creator: OmegaX


Lanacuras (Unknown - 0 AΩX), was one of the Seven Great Demon Gods and the creator of the Enterran Species.


The Demon God of DeathEdit

Lanacuras was one of the Seven Celestials banished to Filgaia, he suffered from the Deadly Sin Envy and on the blink of defeat by the Seven Heroes, he used his Mammon machine to try and absorb the Seven Heroes powers, it backfired and absorbed him.

The Power of LanacurasEdit

Once his power became trapped in the Mammon Machine, the Shadow Guard protected the Machine as they searched for beings with enough Elemental Power to unlock the power for themselves. Eventually the traitorous Scythe fooled the Elementalists into attacking the Shadow Guard whilst he entered the Shadow Guard HQ from a back entrance. Scythe then fought and defeated Syphon in an intense battle and just when he had made it to the Mammon Machine, Hauser appeared and a long overdue battle between them ensued. Hauser Blackwell easily dominated the battle as Scythe began to realize Hauser's true identity. Once Scythe realized that Hauser was none other then the Black Reaper, the man he had been trained his entire life to kill, he quickly transformed into his Fallen Angel form as the battle continued. The battle enraged as both men seemed to be equal, as the battle continued Hauser’s experience started to become the difference maker and just as Hauser was about to finish off Scythe, Sin appeared, who unintentionally served as a distraction which let Scythe fatally wound Hauser. Scythe then killed Sin and used his powers of Destruction to release Lanacuras's power which he absorbed and destroyed the Shadow Guard HQ as he transformed into a Demon God.

Omega V: RedemptionEdit

An Image of Lanacuras was a Temple Guardian in the Death Temple during the events of Omega V: Redemption.



Lanacuras's name is pronounced Lan-in-cu-ris.

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