Lambda Zellwegger
Species Human
Gender Male
Born 2809 AΩX
Age 31 (Omega Destruction)
Stopped Aging At 32
Brionac Rank Captain
Neo Brionac Rank Colonel General
Appearances Omega Destruction


Lambda Zellwegger, was a Captain of the Brionac Force and is now the Colonel General of the Neo Brionac organisation. Lambda possesses an iron will, and the ability to accurately see the future. A calculating man who, in the order to guarantee the success of a mission, always has a trump card readied. His weapons include a sword and a whip. His nickname is Blue Destiny.

Lambda made a quick cameo in Omega Destruction where he conversed with best friend Gawn Brawdia quickly. He soon talked to Albedo and helped him regain his confidence in battle. Lambda would make another cameo during the restarted Chronicles of the Sword tournament. Using his powers of foresight he would tell his opponents how they would be defeated. However this would not work on Perfect Soldier, stunned by not being able to foresee a victory against him, Lambda forfeited the match.

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