Kisala 1
Species: Enterran
Born: 2816 AΩX
Kentika Village, Filgaia
Age: 24 (Omega Destruction)
Element: N/A
Job Class: N/A
Weapon: N/A
Appearances: Omega Destruction
Creator: OmegaX

Kisala, is a damsel in distress in Omega Destruction, and the daughter of the leader of a village of Enterrans.


During chapter 2 of Omega Destruction, Gawn Brawdia took the Jects to meet some inhumans. They met Vordoru and his fellow Enterrans at Kentika Village. There Vordoru accepted Gawn and the Jects after looking into Gawn's soul and realising he was a true warrior. After conversing with Gawn, Vordoru explained his predicament; The Global Union had captured some of his tribes people including his daughter Kisala, he did not know where to find them, so he asked Gawn, a human to find them for him, Gawn reluctantly agreed. Gawn located in Kisala in a GU laboratory when they were experimenting on Inhumans. There Gawn killed Kisala's captor and returned her home to her father.



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