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Keeley Leffeld
Species: Human
Born: 2843 AΩX
Airyglyph, Elicoor
Age: 19 (Omega 5)
Element: Void
Job Class: None
Weapon: None
Appearances: Omega V: Redemption
Creator: OmegaX

Keeley Leffeld is the ultimate innocent type character in Omega V: Redemption who is mostly in near death situations.


Keeley in Omega V: Redemption.

Keeley and Logan first meet in Peterny while Logan is waiting for Nel Zelpher, Scout and the others. Keeley introduces herself to Logan after a strange interaction. Keeley tells Logan about herself and how she grows flowers and sells them. She has a horrible cough that is an illness that no one can cure, although Mirage later says they could easily cure her with their technology. She appears later when Logan and the party has to go save her in Duggus Forest after she has collapsed.

She appears to be stable until she meets them again upon their arrival in Kingdom of Aquaria, where she had arrived in because of a rumor that she would be able to find her long lost friend there. Before the final battle with Duke Vox and his forces, Logan discovers that her lost friend is actually Dion, the runologist from Castle Aquaria. He brings Dion to Keeley at the town inn and they are reunited. Dion promises to return to Keeley once the war is over. However, his promise is not kept when a surprise Malkuth attack at the battlefield severely injures him, leading to his death. Logan brings Keeley to see him, Dion dies and Keeley falls into a coma near death, which leaves Logan completely crushed as he couldn't protect either of them.

Keeley later awoke being saved by Mirage on the Diplo. There she awake and reunites with Logan. She shows a darkside when battling various party members including Rin Dahlia, and Porto. She stays on the sideline for the most part, when Logan regained his memories, becoming Exile once more, he accidentally stabs Keeley, which prevented him from battling the party as he grabbed her and ran in search of medical assistance.

Keeley would awaken weeks later and reconciled with Logan. She would later help him reconcile with the party. When the party reached the final temple, Logan suggested he sacrifice his life to kill Yiazmat, Keeley however slapped him and scolded him, forcing him to fight Yiazmat with the party. Unfortunately the party would be defeated by Yiazmat, Logan would give Keeley a remaining fraction of the Frozen Flame in the form of a necklace in order to find the time portal. He would kiss her one final time before teleporting away to face his destiny against his nemesis Xorn, leaving Keeley broken and shattered.



  • Parents, deceased.
  • Neighbor that took her in.



Keeley in Omega V: Redemption, page 921 onwards.