Karu Takahashi
Species: Human
Born: 2844 AΩX
Age: 16 (Omega 3)
19 (Omega 5 - Death)
Element: Darkness
Job Class: Dark Knight
Weapon: Hellkeeper (Zweihander Sword)
Appearances: Omega III: Dark Resurrection
Omega V: Redemption
Creator: Karu Takahashi

Karu Takahashi (2844 AΩX - 2863 AΩX), was one of the mid-tier competitors in the 2860 Chronicles of the Sword tournament, he had a great start but plumpted a few rounds into the tournament which caused him to fail to make it past the group stage, after being sent to Oblivion he was broken out of his containment by Genesis like the others, after a long journey he found himself on the Space-Station Quartz.



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