James W. Bush
Species: Human
Born: 2813 AΩX
Age: 27 (Omega Destruction)
37 (Omega 2)
Element: Holy
Job Class: Saint
Weapon: Ultimate War God King Dragon Whistle (Whistle)
Appearances: Omega II: Tag Team Tournament
Omega Destruction
Creator: OmegaX

James W. Bush (2813 AΩX - 2850 AΩX), better known as Mr.Referee was a major character in Omega II: Tag Team Tournament. He returned in Omega Destruction to host the two tournaments.


Human WarEdit

James was a medic in the Human War; he was dishonorably discharged for fleeing in battle.

Omega DestructionEdit

Mr.Referee hosted the two Chronicles of the Sword tournaments in Omega Destruction.

The Chronicles of the Sword (2850 AΩX)Edit

After the war, a mysterious figure approached him and gave him millions of gil, he told him to use some of the money to rebuild the XdXS Arena and to start hosting annual tournaments there which were called "The Chronicles of the Sword". He was killed before the final round of the tournament by a Fallen Angel who had put James in charge of the tournament including advertising, and when he found out that only a few people had entered the tournament he killed James.

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