Omega Series Wiki
Scion of Lightning
Number VI
Species Scion
Element Voltage
Sign Virgo
Division Zeon
Gender Male
Creature Ancient Lightning Bird
Weapon Voltga & Voltum (Great Sword & Shield)
Appearances Omega V: Redemption

Hyrax is a member of the Zodiac XIII who are the servants of the Dragon God. His sword is said to have the voltage power to power a space station for a hundred years.


06 Hyrax.jpg

Hyrax's past remains a mystery, the only thing known is that Cyrax was his older brother and that they were both soldiers in the Human War...

Hyrax appears as boss in Omega V: Redemption on page 660, fighting Exile's temporary new party, mainly consisting of Exile and Herro. Ge is defeated and finished by Herro.