Global Union
Global Union
Founder Various Nations
Years Active 2700 - 2840 AΩX
Leader Council (2700 - 2762 AΩX)
Jurei Nebular (2762 - 2810 AΩX)
Yusuke Nebular (2810 - 2840 AΩX)
None (2840 - 2840 AΩX)
Planet of Origin Filgaia

Union HistoryEdit

2700 - 2762 AΩXEdit

Originally the Global Union was an international organisation whose stated aims were to facilitate co-operation in international law, international security, economic development, social progress and human rights issues. As years passed the Union's power over every nation increased until all the nations vanished leaving the Union as the Dictor of Humanity on Filgaia.

2762 - 2810 AΩXEdit

As the Union began to control the world, rebels began to rise from the ashes, the Union declared them terrorists and constantly ridiculed them in public. One day in 2762 the there was "Terrorist Attack" in the Global Union headquarters which led to the death of all the Council Members except for Jurei Nebular who had missed the meeting, in truth he had arranged the "Terrorist Attack" by having Hauser Blackwell kill the Council Members, Jurei Nebular appointed himself the leader of the Global Union and declared war again the rebels who begun to call themselves Congressional Knights.

2810 - 2840 AΩXEdit

In 2810 AΩX Jurei Nebular died of a "heart attack", Jurei Nebular had been shot six times... Yusuke Nebular, who was Jurei Nebular's grandson quickly rose to power, he was also the man believed to have killed his grandfather. Yusuke was far more ruthless than his grandfather and ordered his soldiers to kill women and children associated with the Congressional Knights out of fear that the Congressional Knights were trying to create Super Soldiers. Years later Yusuke was assassinated by his wife, weeks later Hauser Blackwell who had just discovered the Global Union's tasteless tactics (killing innocent women and children) ended the war by destroying the Global Union headquarters, killing all its top diplomats, thus ending the war.

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