Gawn Brawdia
Species Human
Gender Male
Born 2811 AΩX
Age 29 (Omega Destruction)
Stopped Aging At 30
Brionac Rank Lieutenant
Neo Brionac Rank Colonel
Appearances Omega Destruction


Gawn Brawdia, best known as simply Gawn, was the trump card of the Brionac and now Neo Brionac organizations, in that he is only used if all else fails.

His battle skills are very impressive, as he wields two very powerful six-shooters with much finesse where he can counter any form of attack with them as long as he has ammo he is impossible to defeat. He can even shoot down missiles and keep himself afloat in mid air with them, all at the same time.


Human WarEdit

Gawn was a free soldier, spending most his time drinking away his life.

Omega DestructionEdit


Gawn was assigned to replace Beowulf Atma as a trainer for the Jects. Gawn seemed to be very different from most people, being careless, lazy and laid back. While on their way to the city of Edge, Gawn deactivates the Jects' collars and ditches the Deadpool soldiers. After a bar fight, which Gawn had deemed soldier experience, Gawn took the Jects to meet some Enterrans. There Gawn agreed to help the Enterran leader Vordoru find his daughter Kisala. Soon after, Gawn with the Jects would track Kisala down to a GU lab where they were experimenting on Inhumans. A scientist there gassed the Jects leading them to attack Gawn, resulting in a boss battle. [1] Gawn defeated the Jects and freed Kisala before returning her home. Gawn would then send the Jects home where he'd get an earful from Doctor Landen as Gawn had stalled tremendously bringing the Jects back as he wanted to show them the world.

Gawn returned days later, participating in the restarted Chronicles of the Sword Tournament. Gawn would vanish in a tournament battle against nemesis Hauser Blackwell.

After the WarEdit

After the Human War, he was ordered to search for Hauser Blackwell. Although at times he seems like a laid back buffoon, Gawn has a much more serious side when he ambushes.

Neo FilgaiaEdit



  • Parents, killed by Hauser Blackwell. Their deaths serve as Gawn's convictions.


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