Scion of Light
Number II
Species Scion
Element Heaven
Sign Taurus
Division Zeon
Gender Female
Creature Ancient Serpent
Weapon Agate (Great Katana)
Redemptifier (Spontoon)
Appearances Omega IV: Oblivion
Omega V: Redemption

Fox, is a member of the Zodiac XIII who are the servants of the Dragon God. She was formerly Lorna Atma prior to her death.

Storyline[edit | edit source]

Prior to Omega IV: Oblivion[edit | edit source]

Main article: Lorna Atma

Originally, nothing was known about Fox's past or who she was before she was resurrected by the Dragon God but she did seem to have a special relationship with Exile and had shown a great hatred towards both Genesis and Exodus. It was revealed in the ending of Omega IV: Oblivion, that she once was Lorna Atma.

Fox's original appearance as seen in Omega IV: Oblivion.

Omega IV: Oblivion[edit | edit source]

Fox first appeared as a "White Knight" who attacked Genesis who was trying to reclaim the Vixedin Sword, her and Exile made short work of him and captured the Xuminal Sword. She later faced off against Exodus, she managed to force Exodus to transform back to Genesis, just as she was about to slay him, Genesis muttered a word which stunned her, she left both the Vixedin Sword and the Xuminal Sword and teleported away. Later on, her and Exile in the ending of Omega IV: Oblivion revealed their identities, they were Beowulf's deceased children. They would defeat Beowulf and bury him alive on Earth.

Omega V: Redemption[edit | edit source]

Fox's new appearance as seen in Omega V: Redemption.

Fox appeared even now and then in Omega V: Redemption, she proved to have a mind link with her brother Exile who had lost all his memories. Fox was the only Scion to protest when Xorn revealed that Exodus would be replacing Exile as the Scion of Darkness,she was later defeated in a battle against her bother Logan Atma,and she was returned to the spirit world by Botan where she will face Judgement.

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