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Filgaia is a planet where the first three Omega RPs take place.

Notable Places[edit | edit source]

Global Union territory[edit | edit source]

Congressional Knight territory[edit | edit source]

Neutral territory[edit | edit source]

  • Island of Server - A small Island.
    • Belial's Cave - The location of Belial's remains.
    • XdSX Arena
  • Dundas - A destroyed city.

Prophecies of Filgaia[edit | edit source]

Long ago, in ancient times, a prophet foresaw many future events that would transpire on the planet Filgaia.

  • Brothers of Destruction - "Two brothers would bring upon the end of the World."
    • This occurred at end of Omega IV: Oblivion when Albedo and Scythe destroyed the world during battle.
  • Chosen One - "The Chosen One will save us all from the Devourer of Worlds. He will be the scourge of Filgaia yet be the son of a man from outer-space."
  • Human War - "One day Humanity shall be split in two, the two sides will clash fiercely for generations until inhumanity of humans sinks in."
  • New Filgaia - "Upon the death of our planet, a new planet shall take its place."
  • Resurrection - "A corrupted God shall rise again and wreak havoc on our world once more."
    • This occurred when Belial was resurrected.
  • Seven Heroes - "Seven Heroes will save Filgaia from the Wrath of the Gods."
  • The Forgotten One - "The Dark King will rule the world, until one day a boy will rise up and defeat the king, however the boy's name shall not be remembered, he will be forgotten."

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