Fate Testarossa
Species: Human
Born: 2851 AΩX
Age: 12 (O5)
Element: Thunder
Job Class: Hell Knight
Divine Crusader
Weapon: Bardiche (Scythe)
Bardiche Assault (2H Sword)
Appearances: Omega V: Redemption
Creator: Ruen

Fate Testarossa better known as simply Fate is a character from Omega V: Redemption.



Fate appearance prior to her debut in Omega V: Redemption is unknown, all that is known is that Fate, being a clone of Precia Testarossa's Biological daughter Alicia, bares more than a striking resemblence to the deceased child. Fate had long blond hair tied in two ponytales on both the left and right side of her head and crimson eyes, she is regular height for a 12 year old and outside of battle wears a black dress with red tips.


Fate personality has evolved since join up with Holland No'Rav. At first Fate was a timid child yet held a fierce loyalty to her abusive 'mother', this Loyalty is shown as Fate stood to fight Ruen despite being heavily injured by Precia only moments earlier. During her stay with the party Fate has learnt to open up to more people as they grew to accept her. Fate's personality in Battle tends people to believe she acts a lot older than she actually is, and while this may be true for the most part, there have been times where Fate has been affected by Childish Insecurities.



Joining the PartyEdit

After joining the party, with the ergence of Ruen. Fate battles Bandit Keith in an epic card battle.

Kidnap by Zodiac XIIEdit



Real Family

  • Precia Testarossa - Mother
  • Alicia Testarossa - Sister

Adoptive Family


  • Ruski Draganav - Russian Man who looked after Fate while Ruen was recouperating from his battle with Precia, promiced Fate that she would look after her if Ruen could not.
  • Dragan Farce - Kind Barkeeper who aided Ruski in Looking after Fate while Ruen was recouperating, also Promiced to help look after Fate.
  • Drake Sunstrider - One of Ruen's Oblivion Heroes and one of the first people to welcome Fate to the party.
  • Hawk Sunstrider - Drake's Brother and another Oblivion Hero, while he appears to be a bit annoyed at all times, he is a great motivator.
  • Temari - Oblivion Hero
  • Aerith - Oblivion Hero
  • Scout - Oblivion Hero



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