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Species: Demon
Scion (Omega V: Redemption)
Born: 2840 AΩX
Age: Unknown (Omega Destruction)
Unknown (Omega 4)
Unknown (Omega 5)
Element: Darkness (Omega 4)
Baryonic (Omega 5)
Job Class: Dark Knight
Hell Knight
Weapon: Omega IV:
Phantom Edge (Zweihander Sword)
Vixedin Sword (Ancient) (Zweihander Sword)
Omega V:
Vixedin Sword (Omega) (Zweihander Sword) (REPLICA)
Appearances: Omega IV: Oblivion
Omega V: Redemption
Omega Destruction
Creator: OmegaX

Exodus was the alter-ego of Beowulf Atma. In Omega IV: Oblivion, when Beowulf bleeds, he transforms into this abomination. Exodus acquires his own body after being resurrected by the Dragon God in Omega V: Redemption. Exodus makes a cameo in Omega Destruction, where Beowulf first transforms into him while facing his brother's murderer Ajaxis.



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The transformation began to occur when Beowulf first started using the X-Calibur Sword (Tainted). Beowulf first started using the sword after his father the Azure Knight gave it to him to avenge the death of his brother Siegfried Atma who had been killed by Global Union soldier Ajaxis. Beowulf would transform into Exodus and brutally kill him while battling Ajaxis in the final of the Chronicles of the Sword tournament. One night he transformed into Exodus and killed his wife and children, the next morning the Congressional Knights informed him that Scythe had killed them...


Exodus appeared irregularly, most notably killing Lord Ryuma.

After Soul Embrace[]

Exodus's fate because of the Soul Embrace and the birth of Xeminence was unknown, it has now been revealed that the Soul Embrace destroyed him and he has now been reborn as a Scion.


Exodus found himself revived by the Dragon God and ironically replaced his son as the Scion of Darkness. Fox condemned her master's decision citing that Exodus was nothing but a mad serial killer but her protests were halted by Xorn. Exodus would attempt to persuade his son Exile to join him, helping him regain his memories he showed Exile his plans of using the Vixedin Sword to turn everybody into demons like himself. After being rejected by his son, Exodus would face his former alter-ego in a final show down, Beowulf won the battle, putting an end to Exodus once and for all.


Exodus returns in Omega IX: Condemned, serving as one of the primary antagonists. It is however revealed that it is not the original Exodus, simply Logan Atma impersonating him.