Omega Series Wiki
Scion of Darkness
Number I
Species Scion
Element Baryonic
Sign Aries
Division Zeon
Gender Male
Creature Ancient Dragon
Weapon Dark Prominence (Great Sword)
Appearances Omega IV: Oblivion
Omega V: Redemption

Exile was a member of the Zodiac XIII who are the servants of the Dragon God. The Scion form of Logan Atma.


Pre-Omega IV[]

Nothing was known about Exile's past or who he was before he was resurrected by the Dragon God but he seemed to have a special relationship with Fox and a great hatred towards both Genesis and Exodus.


Omega IV: Oblivion[]

Exile first appeared as a "Black Knight" coming through the gate in Spira where he managed to knock out Genesis and his entire party. He took the Vixedin Sword which can only be touched by being blood related to its current wielder and went through the gate.

Not long later Exile and Fox double teamed Genesis in a fight which saw them quickly defeat him and steal the Xuminal Sword

Omega V: Redemption[]

Main article: Logan Atma

After killing their father in the end of Omega IV: Oblivion, the leader of the Zodiac XIII demanded to know what had happened, Exile took full responsibility, saving his sister, Exile was banished and his memories erased.