All characters were given brief endings during the ending of Omega X: Rise Of The Champion.

Character Ending
Albedo Albedo remains with Eve, haunted by paranoia that she may one day find out the truth....
Aphelion Aphelion returns home, wanting to live a normal life...
Beowulf Atma Beowulf unites with his son Sigma, together along with Scout, Vyse, Keeley and Bianca go on a journey in search of Logan Atma.
Coresatsuno Siphondel Bass buries the hatched with Raizen and together walk a path to total domination.
Dark Helmet Dark Helmet journeys home to his home planet... only to find much has changed since his absence.
Eve Eve breaks down after the events of Omega IX: Condemned. With Albedo's help she decides to journey across Neo Filgaia in search of Ject survivors.
Gabranth Gabranth tries to salvage his relationship with Maria Traydor achieving little success, he realizes he has a long journey to getting back her trust.
Hauser Blackwell At first Hauser returns to Neo Filgaia, once he is convinced that Neo Filgaia is safe in Adam Latro's hands, he travels to Avalon to live with near his grandfather, Aphelion.
Holland No'Rav After the final battle, Ruen goes on a walkabout, finding himself down under.
Ino Yamanaka Ino with the support of her friends becomes the leader of Neo Filgaia.
Kai Kai lives a normal life, forbidden from fighting by his mother, he instead focuses his attention to science leading to Chaos Rising...
Keeley Leffeld Keeley cuts all ties with Gabranth and joins Sigma, Beowulf Atma and a few others in search of Logan Atma.
Kramer Kramer returns home and finds little success as a television star. He eventually leaves and joins Maria Traydor's new space colony.
Logan Atma Logan's body disappeared after the final battle, leaving his status unknown.
Maria Traydor Maria builds a space colony with the money she acquired from the Million Dollar Man during Omega V: Redemption. She agrees to start over with Gabranth for the sake of their children.
Porto Porto makes a new home for himself on Neo Filgaia. He achieves tremendous success as a demolitions expert.
Raizen Toshira Raizen officially buries the hatchet with Bass. Together they form a powerful alliance and lead an anti-idiot rebellion against all life.
Relic Relic becomes a [Relic] Hunter, and quickly becomes rich.
Saladin With the war on Neo Filgaia over, Saladin helps rebuild, he eventually becomes the first president of the Republic of Filgaia.
Scout Scout almost confesses her love for Beowulf Atma to him before he calls her "Golem", she ends up kneeing him in the nuts but decides to follow him in search of Logan Atma anyways.
Scythe Scythe and Brooke reunite, and disappear together never to be seen again.
Sigma Sigma reunites with Bianca, and finally gets to know his father. They decide to search for Logan Atma.
Vyse At first Vyse feels left out as Sigma no longer needs a guardian, and has his father as a father figure. Despite this, he agrees to journey with them in search of Logan Atma.
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