Trode Levesque
Species: Human
Born: 2720 AΩX
Age: 121 (Death)
Element: Fire
Job Class: N/A
Weapon: Dragovian Sword (Zweihander Sword)
Appearances: Omega Destruction
Creator: OmegaX

Trode Levesque (2720 AΩX - 2841 AΩX) better known as the Crimson Knight was a major character in the Human War and for a time he was the leader of the Congressional Knights.



Trode before the Human War.

Before The WarEdit

Before the war Trode became a master swordsman, he even defeated the Dragovian King in a friendly battle, because of his victory, the Dragovian King gave Trode his sword, the Dragovian Sword.

During The WarEdit

Trode was one of the six original knights as well as their leader. Just like the other knights, Trode wore ‘Armor of Leadership’ which prevented them of dying from old age. Near the end of the war, at the restarted Chronicles of the Sword tournament, he formally announced Scythe the winner. He would then promote him, adopt him, and he even gave him his sword, the Dragovian Sword, since Trode was far too old to use it. Trode used this as an opportunity to motivate the people and his soldiers into thinking that Scythe would be the key to their victory over the Global Union.

Crimson Knight

Post WarEdit

After winning the war, Trode disbanded the Knights in order to pave a new path for the future of Filgaia by creating democracy to the disdain of the other knights.


Trode was soon killed by Scythe who used the Dragovian Sword to kill him, Scythe had been ordered by the other Knights, and unfortunately several people witnessed the assassination.



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