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Coresatsuno Siphondel
Species: Human (2828 - 2850 AΩX)
Demon (2850 - 2860 AΩX)
Half Demon (2860 AΩX - )
Born: 2828 AΩX
Age: 22 (Omega 2)
32 (Omega 3)
34 (Omega 4)
Element: Darkness
Job Class: Dark Knight (Omega 2)
Samurai (Omega 3-4)
Hell Knight (Omega 3)
Weapon: Dragon Tail (Zweihander Sword)
Steel Cry (Katana)
Dragovian Sword (Cursed) (Zweihander Sword)
Ragnarok (Katana)
Redemption (Wakizashi)
Appearances: Omega II: Tag Team Tournament
Omega III: Dark Resurrection
Omega IV: Oblivion
Creator: Bass

Coresatsuno Siphondel, best known as simply Bass is one of the main characters from the Omega Series and along with Subject 667 holds the record for a character being three different species.



Coresatsuno Siphondel was found as a baby by a young Albel Nox during the Human War, Albel named him after hit late master, Coresatsuno Siphondel, and watched over him, When Coresatsuno got older, Albel trained him and had him join the Congressional Knights.

The Chronicles of the Sword (2850 AΩX)[]

When news came in about the X-Calibur Sword being the grand prize of a tournament, Albel recommended the Knights send Bass instead of a group of elite soldiers, since they did not want anyone to know they were searching for the Sword, Bass was chosen to go simply because of his tremendous skills for such a young human being and the fact that he wasn’t a war hero in order not to arouse suspicion.

It was there Bass met and befriended Raizen Toshira, they proved to be a great team and made it to the final where they defeated Nuur Al-Qatar and Porto. Once Bass obtained the cursed Dragovian Sword, he immediately became corrupted and attacked and killed his partner, Raizen Toshira.


Coresatsuno was successful in retrieving the Sword, unfortunately the Sword had corrupted him and he killed all 5 remaining Knights with ease. He took over what was left of their secretive organization and obliterated every human on Edge, he used Edge as a Kingdom for his new Empire, since then Bass has taken over several other countries, he rules almost all of Filgaia, with an iron fist no less.

The Chronicles of the Sword (2860 AΩX)[]

Picture of Demon Bass

Bass attended the next tournament, although he did not participate, Albel Nox represented him instead. Albel made it all the way to the final round, where he fought Drake to a draw, both men chose substitutes to fight for them in a rematch, Bass was Albel’s substitute while the news resurrected Raizen Toshira was Drake's replacement. Bass dominated most of the battle, Raizen managed to separated Bass from the Dragovian Sword which caused the [Subject 667|Judge Master]] to interfere and take the sword, he then revealed himself as the Fallen Angel who had given Bass the sword 10 years earlier while his co-Judge Berial showed her true colors and revealed herself as the Demon God of Oblivion, Belial and made quick work of Bass before sending him, the other fighters and several members of the audience to Oblivion.


Bass appears in Omega IV: Oblivion as a half demon.




Coresatsuno's nickname Bass is pronounced beys.