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Clair Lasbard
Species: Human
Born: 2837 AΩX
Age: 26 (Omega 5)
Element: Space
Job Class: Unknown
Weapon: N/A
Appearances: Omega V: Redemption
Creator: OmegaX

Clair Lasbard is a member of the Crimson Blade of Aquios on the planet Elicoor.



Clair is a young woman with dark silver hair.


Clair is quiet soft spoken woman who is the polar opposite of her father Adray.


Clair in Omega V: Redemption.

The party helped Clair during various events in Omega V: Redemption. The party first meet Clair when Nel successfully brings them as far as Arias, a ruined city where some members of the queen's forces have set up base. Clair is relieved to see Nel's safe return and wastes no time in trying to convince the pary to help them end their war with Airyglyph. But Logan is still uneasy about helping to create their weapon. The next day, the party discover Nel's disappearance and Clair mentions that it was because she went back to Kirlsa Training Ground to free her captured friends. The party chase after her and luckily make it back to Arias, even after defeating Shelby and having a close encounter with Gabranth. Afterthe party brought Adray Lasbard with them Clair commented about how her father would never back down from fighting alongside Aquaria and how she asks that they take care of him. Clair leads the troops when Airyglyph decides to pull out an final attack against them before their weapon is completed. But it ended after the Malkuth arrive and start attacking both sides. Clair manages to successfully withdraw most of their forces and they return to Castle Aquaria. Clair is no real part of the story from here on out other than wishing Nel luck on her missions.





  • Various soldiers under her command.
  • The Kingdom of Aquios.


  • Airyglyph