There are various types of epochs used on planets in the Omega Series, such as BFC (Before Fallen Celestials) and AΩX (After OmegaX) used on Filgaia, or A.D. (Anno Domini) / CE (Current Era) and B.C. (Before Christ) BCE (Before Current Era) used on Earth. In an attempt to make things simpler, this wiki-site uses Filgaian time.

Notable EventsEdit

14000000000 BFC (14 Billion) - The Big Bang, birth of Baal.
1000000000 BFC (1 Billion) - Baal creates the Originals.
999999900 BFC (0.9999999 Billion) - Baal turns Satan into an Immortal to capture the Originals. The Celestial Guardians are formed.
65000000 BFC (65 Million) - Lavos lands on the planet Xareth.
0020 BFC - Lavos is defeated by a group of Heroes on the planet Xareth.
0011 BFC - Start of Omega VII: Dark Delusion. The Time Devourer is born.
0010 BFC - Start of Omega VI: Revelations. The Seven Great Demon Gods are banished to Filgaia.
0009 BFC - The Time Devourer is split into 3 by Seven Great Demon Gods.
0000 AΩX - The Seven Great Demon Gods are defeated.
0018 AΩX - The Dark King Shinryu is defeated by the Forgotten One.
2762 AΩX - Beginning of the Human War.
2835 AΩX - Introduction of Omega X: Rise Of The Champion.*
2840 AΩX - Start of the Omega RP / Omega Destruction
2840 AΩX - End of Human War.
2841 AΩX - The Crimson Knight's Assassination, Belial is resurrected shortly after.
2850 AΩX - Start of Omega II: Tag Team Tournament.
2860 AΩX - Start of Omega III: Dark Resurrection and The Clash of the Elements.
2861 AΩX - Lanacuras' power is absorbed by Subject 667.
2862 AΩX - Start of Omega IV: Oblivion.
2863 AΩX - Start of Omega V: Redemption. The party is transported to 0010 BFC.
2865 AΩX - Start of Omega VIII: Armageddon, followed by Omega IX: Condemned and the final chapters of Omega X: Rise Of The Champion.
2885 AΩX - Alternate future seen in the Chaos Theory chapter of Omega X: Rise Of The Champion.
2886 AΩX - Start of CHAOS. Alternate future from Chaos Theory.
2887 AΩX - Start of Chaos Rising. Regular future, yet direct sequel to CHAOS.

  • Note: Omega X: Rise Of The Champion takes place over the course of 30 years, with an additional chapter, Chaos Theory set in an alternate future.


There are two major calculations of time, on the planet Filgaia, and the planet Oblivion.

10 BFC - 0 BFC - 0000 AΩX - 2862 AΩX
Like Earth, BFC counts down, while their new system, AΩX, moves forward.

0 T.B. - 2851 T.B. - 0 A.R. - 21 A.R
Unlike Earth, T.B. and A.R. simply both move forward.

Filgaia Years - Oblivion YearsEdit

2862 AΩX = 21 A.R. (the start of Omega IV: Oblivion)

2841 AΩX = 0 A.R. (the resurrection of Belial)

10 BFC = 0 T.B. (the creation of the planet Oblivion)

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