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Chester Beel Zebus
Species: Human
Born: 2808 AΩX
Age: 55 (Omega 5 - Death)
Element: Wind
Job Class: Sword Dancer
Weapon: Baindigart (Twin Fans)
Appearances: Omega V: Redemption
Creator: OmegaX

Chester Beel Zebus, born Koisaydooda Guy Puppy, (2808 AΩX - 2863 AΩX), is portrayed as a man without desires or goals. Everything he achieves is meaningless to him, turning into nothing seconds after having obtained it. He feels he's alive only on critical moments, those when his life is on the line, but even then its unfulfilling at the end.

During one day he was travelling inside a war-striken town, he spotted a girl with a doll and remembered his younger days and how he enjoyed playing with dolls. At that moment, he thought on playing at a large scale, using the kingdoms and their leaders as tokens of his own game.

He started his plans convincing the younger member of the Halteese's Royal family, Demuth, to rebel and form a kingdom of his own. He then worked as advisor for Dalkia's queen while serving Demuth as Prime Minister. Chester moved the pieces, assuring Maletta's growing into an independent kingdom while diverting Dalkia's attention towards Malkuth. When the time was right, Chester backstabbed Demuth and seized Maletta as his own, but his plans were ultimately foiled.

A year later, Chester appeared as emperor Strife's advisor and tactician, officially became the Prime Minister of Malkuth.